The MPPD Scholarship: SUSPENDED

  • Number of opportunities: 5 candidates
  • The scholarship conditions: Each candidate shall be:
    1. Appointed as a member of staff in ( MPPD), Khartoum State.
    2. Granted an unconditional offer from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham.
    3. Approved by MPPD.
* In case of vacancies, any candidate may apply for this scholarship, which is subject to the approval of MPPD.  
  • The Scholarship period: Starts from October until September.
  • MPPD Scholarship covers the followings:
    1. The tuition fees
    2. 650 GBP monthly to cover the expenses of accommodation and living.
  • General Conditions:
    1. The MPPD covers the travelling expenses.
    2. The monthly allowances will be deposited into the students' accounts at the end of each month.
The conditions of this scholarship may vary each year, PECK has the right to change all or any of the conditions above-stated without prior notice.

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